Hello Chief

My name is Amir. Like you, I also spend a lot of my time playing Clash of Clans. Besides playing Clash of Clans, I am also a software engineer. A few years ago, my clan started to track our progress in a Google Spreadsheet. Back in the good 'ol days, each clan leader would record player stats manually. A short while later Supercell released their Clash of Clans API. There were many websites that let you download your stats, but none of them had every data possible. My nerdy side got curious. I knew python pretty well and I automated the data retrieval. I created a simple website called ClashStats.download and shared it mostly amongst ourselves and on Reddit at /r/ClashOfClans.

As the website started getting a lot of attention, more features were added. I rebranded the website to ClashLeaders.com. I made the website very simple to use because a lot of people are data nerds like me. I visualized the data using a simple spreadsheet and graphs. However, I wanted to offer more than just data. My goal is to differentiate this website by offering insights. Every Clash of Clan website lets you see your data and download. But very few offer similar clans based on Clan activity. My goal is to make it easy to see your clan's activity and also offer insights that you may have never known about yourself.